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AMT is a leading supplier of marine related products and services to the commercial and recreational sectors of the inshore and offshore marine industry.


Backed by an experienced team of naval architects, marine engineers and project managers, AMT provides bespoke turnkey solutions, involving design, manufacturing and installation supervision of floating marinas, floating platforms and structures; construction of waterfront infrastructure (gravity walls, rock-revetments, load-out jetties etc.), as well as design, manufacturing and build-supervision of small workboats, landing craft, ferries and security vessels for worldwide applications.


The company’s environmental division provides a full range of environmental consultancy services, mainly to the coastal construction industry, including environmental impact studies, marine ecology surveys, soil and groundwater assessments, environmental site audits, water quality, sediment testing etc.


AMT is the exclusive sales and marketing agent for HELIDECKS, manufactured by Marine Frontiers and markets Marine Frontiers worldwide.


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