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As waterfront properties become increasingly developed, unprotected natural harbors become increasingly scarce. Thus, there is a growing need for floating breakwaters to provide wave and wake attenuation.


Acting as a floating “breakwater,” AMT’s wave attenuators are designed and engineered to reduce wave action entering a marina basin. They are an ideal solution for protecting marinas, boat launch facilities, utility slipways, shore protecting prevention etc.


AMT’s attenuators are individually designed to meet the specific site conditions regarding wind, wave length (distance crest to crest), wave height, water depth and fetch distance. They have the advantage of not inhibiting tidal flow or the marine ecology.


AMT’s attenuators are cost-effective, easy to install and environmental safe. They are manufactured of elastomer encapsulated low-density molded polyethylene floats with a steel tubular core. The interior is hollow, which allows it to be filled with water at installation until the units are two-third submerged. They are held in place by mooring on the seabed.


AMT also manufactures heavy-duty breakwater pontoons made out of concrete encapsulated low-density molded polyethylene floats.







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