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AMT Environmental is providing services to address the increasing importance of environmental impact studies associated with marine, water front development and artificial islands, reefs development, etc.













We offers an ever-expanding range of environmental services for developers, contractors and industries. Our current services include the following:




Environmental Impact Assessment - An EIA is usually required for larger property developments or industries that have undergone an EIS but were deemed significantly environmentally hazardous so as to require a full EIA. The assessment includes an initial scoping study to determine what elements of an EIA are required and if anything can be "scoped out". Following this stage and approval of the scoping study by the relevant authority, baseline studies are carried out for the existing environment followed by a detailed assessment of the impacts created by the project on the surrounding environment.


Environmental Review and Verification


While this component of environmental reporting is not enforced by the UAE Municipalities, it is common best practice in many areas of the world today. It ensures all environmental design components and recommendations resulting from the EIA process have been incorporated into master-plan designs. It is usually assumed that once the EIA process is complete, all mitigation and design elements recommended will be incorporated into designs and processes. The review and verification process is undertaken at the preliminary design phase in order to minimize any potential changes that may be required at a later phase in order to bring the design in line with the EIA recommendations or otherwise. The review and verification process is applicable to all types of development sectors such as industrial, property and roads & infrastructure.




Environmental Impact Statement - An EIS is required for new industries to determine exactly what the facility's processes are, including chemicals used and environmental controls implemented. This document follows a set of requirements for disclosure of the processes to the relevant authority. The document is reviewed by the authority and it is determined whether or not a full EIA is required.




Construction/Operational Environmental Management Plan - an EMP, whether construction or operation related, sets out a clear set of guidelines for how to implement the mitigation options and environmental controls set forth in an EIA. It also includes the over all management framework from the top down for overseeing, reviewing and responding to the results of implementing the mitigation options. A CEMP or OEMP is a working document for the contractor and/or operator to follow during daily practice.


Field Monitoring and Surveys


  • Noise
  • Air
  • Marine Ecology
  • Soil
  • Groundwater
  • Field Audits


Construction Site Supervision


AMT Environmental also offers supervision services for construction sites with regards to environmental compliance and CEMP implementation. This involves preparation of compliance reports, regular site inspections, recommendations to improve environmental performance of the project and responses to any incidents or environmental complaints.


If the service you require is not listed here, please feel free to contact us anyway as our scope of services is constantly expanding.





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