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AMT’s floating platforms and structures are based on 30 years of experience of vessel design and manufacturing of more than 700 vessels (built in aluminium) during the past three decades. Leaning on this pedigree of know-how and manufacturing record, AMT can offer various applications of floating platform structures, all built to the highest quality and stability standards.


AMT’s floating platform structures enable individuals and developers to transform water into real estate. Designed and engineered as a stable and unsinkable system, AMT’s platform systems can be used for a variety of applications, from building of ferry landings, floating convenience stores or fuel stations, to floating homes and resorts in coastal real estate developments. Other applications cater for the tourism industry.


Each AMT floating platform structure is one of a kind, designed and engineered specifically for the site and client’s needs. Design options are endless. Size, shape, and application are calculated into the design criteria to create a customized, site-specific platform.


Regulatory requirements; site conditions such as wind, wave, weather and geological conditions; and anticipated load requirements are all important elements considered in the design of the platform.


AMT’s platform structures can be constructed in large sections or assembled from modular sections allowing trucking to sites in remote locations.







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