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AMT specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of floating marina systems, all built to Australian Standard for Marina Construction AS 3962. Our marina systems are available in aluminium, concrete and steel.


The pontoon is the basic unit of an AMT Marina, acting both as a walkway for people and a mooring point for boats and yachts. It consists of elastomer or concrete encapsulated Styrofoam float modules, attached to a marine grade aluminium deck structure, which is covered with a composite wood or concrete decking.


All AMT pontoons can be equipped with fingers, electricity, water, lighting, security systems and other special accessories according to customers’ choice and requirements. The fingers, which are fixed to the main pontoon, are manufactured in the same way as the floating pontoons.




There are 4 practical ways of anchoring AMT’s pontoon systems:


  • Piling is the most stable of anchoring solutions for any lateral movement of the pontoons. With the aid of adjustable pile guides, the pontoons can move up and down with varying tides.

  • Chain & Dead Weight Anchors are suitable for all controlled environments. Chains vary from 10 mm – 26 mm thickness depending on loading requirements.

  • Truss Bracing is most suited for marinas situated along a Quay wall and holds the pontoons in place with pivoted assemblies mounted on the Quay wall and the Pontoon.

  • SEAFLEX Elastic Mooring is an elastic mooring system, which when fitted to dead weight Anchors stretches & contracts, allowing for the variations in tides.






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