Australian Marine Technology




AMT is the exclusive agent and distributor for MINEACOM Australia, which specializes in mobile accommodation units and support solutions for the mining, oil and gas and general industry.


MINEACOM’s mobile units are towable and are built on fully welded steel frames using lightweight fireproof insulated PIR panels. They come with “plug and use” components and can be tailored to suit the clients requirement, including fitting solar panels, generators etc.


MINEACOM offers a comprehensive range of solutions for mobile camps and individual needs, including solutions for accommodation, kitchen, dining and mess halls, storage and cool units, communication units, power units, sewage treatment units, mobile clinics, recreation units etc.




The MINEACOM mobile units are manufactured from high tensile steel box tubing to create a durable and heavy off-road capability, to endure the rough handling from towing the units with off-road 4 x 4 vehicles in rugged environments.


Fit Out


The units are cladded with fireproof insulated PIR panels, which are durable and provide the lightweight and insulation required for the extreme environments often associated with the mining and oil & gas industry. All finishes are made of marine grade aluminium extrusions, making the units almost maintenance free.

Picture: Interior of mobile clinic