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AMT is specializing in Security Vessels and have during the past three decades designed and built patrol boats and security vessels ranging from 6.5 m to 36.0 m for the police forces, coast guards and navies throughout Asia, Middle East and Africa.


Mumbai Police took in 2012 – 20113 delivery of 29 Patrol Boats from Marine Frontiers (varying in size between 9.5 m to 12.0 m).


Delivery of 12.m Patrol Boats to Mumbai Police


Marine Frontiers is currently building  a serie of 36.0 m Security Vessels for a client in Nigeria for deployment in the oil and gas fields.


Amongst the innovative designs developed by AMT is a Self-propelled (Jack-up) Observation Basee. The vessel which essentially is a lift-boat, is designed to operate in shallow waters with water depth up to 110 feet.


The vessel will be built to international standard and will be able to operate anywhere in the world.


It’s built in aluminium and comes equipped with two 10.0 ton SWL Hydraulic fixed boom cranes with telescopic extension and winch capable of launching two fast response vessels within minutes of detecting a threat.

“The Self-propelled Observation Base will change the way the Coastguard, Oil Companies and others concerned with the security and protection of oilfield installations and territorial waters look upon the safeguarding of strategic assets of national interests.”






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