Australian Marine Technology




AMT core business is vessel design and engineering and design manufacturing and installation of floating marina systems and structures. Its in-house team of naval architects and engineers supports other divisions of the Group, which enables AMT to offer turnkey solutions to its clients.


AMT undertake manufacturing and installation of floating marina systems and structures, as well as construction of waterfront infrastructure such as gravity walls, rock-revetments, load-out jetties etc.


The company is in the process of setting up a Marine Logistics Division, to take advantage of the many waterfront and offshore island real estate developments under construction and in the planning stage.  AMT Marine Logistics will provide marine logistics support to developers and operators, based on AMT’s know-how and expertise gained from designing, building and operating specialized vessels for the coastal construction sector and coastal communities.


Backed by its design and engineering team, AMT also offers various marine related consultancy services, including feasibility studies, design and engineering services, logistics planning etc.


As an extension of its core business of design, fabrication and installation of floating marina systems and structures, AMT can offer clients complete preventative maintenance programs for its installations and third party installations.


AMT’s environmental services are an important complement to AMT’s service offerings within the marine industry. AMT Environmental specializes in environmental permitting and field surveys relating to environmental baseline services within the maritime industry.









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